Year: 2019

Renting Golf Clubs and Equipment

Is it your first time renting golf clubs and equipment? It is best to know first how Golf Rental and Sales USA will be able to provide you rental service, what covers the rental, and what to expect when paying for a golf set rental right on our website.
You will choose a specific rental package that suits you. This includes moms or kids too. Choosing includes your dominant hand use (left or right), your gender, and the materials you want to use. If you have no idea how they work, and if they are right for you, you can contact us.
Once you have…

Return Instructions

Returning the golf club set and equipment is easy. Here’s how:
Check your golf bag. Make sure you have no personal belongings left inside it. Be careful not to add incorrect items like fishing equipment or home kitchen appliances.
Ensure that everything that came with the set is the same when you return it. Incomplete golf sets will be charged on your card. Secure the straps and locks before packing it.
You can use the same pouch where the club set is packed by the time you have received it. A return label is included in the …