We are a rental company that offers high-quality and premium golf equipment with an established customer satisfaction rating and overall performance in the golf rentals industry.

It is our passion to play golf and to aspire golf players to play the game by not just having a set of golf clubs and golf equipment.  It is all about being able to personalize our services and make every rental a familiar object to all our clients. This is the reason why we are not just offering a second-hand set of clubs. Everything we offer is premium and high-quality golf clubs and equipment that should make your golf-game truly one of a kind.

We offer the following premium services customized for your golfing needs:

  • right-hand club for men
  • right-hand club for women
  • left-hand club for men
  • left-hand club for women
  • flex shafts (regular, stiff, and senior)
  • steel and graphite shafts
  • shafts that are longer than standard length
  • extra wedges, hybrids, and fairway woods
  • rangefinders
  • golfing shoes
  • 3-wheeled push trolleys
  • putters of various styles

All our services are booked online and the delivery fee is rated according to the distance of the address from our warehouse. We are a prominent company of golfing rentals with years of expertise, so you can rest assured what you rented exceeds your expectations.