Golf Buggies

Booking your next golf holiday would be so much easier if you don’t have to worry about buggies. The thing is they are a constant part of your golfing, and it adds to your bills. There’s just so much to know about these, that this compilation of tips and guides to golf buggies will surely help you on your next golf holiday.

The rental charge for a standard golf buggy depends on the golf course and the season. Usually, they are placed at £30 but can soar as high as £70 to £100 at some high-end golf courses. The average golf buggy price of every holiday golf course is around £45.

Take advantage of the available golf buggy rental fee deals. They usually go along the green fee that includes 1-2 players. This is common during the summer season where the temperature is high and green fees are really low. These special offers are in place for the low green fee but can be cheaper for you as you pay both the buggy and the green fee during your summer golf holiday.

Usually, golf and buggy deals are available for two players who have booked together. This is where an odd number of players tend to be at a disadvantage, as you will need to book the odd one for two heads, plus the single green fee added. It is best that you book with an even number of players for a lesser cost on the buggy and other golf fees.

Go for advanced booking where buggy rentals are already included in the green fees. This is also good because most golf courses do not offer buggies on a prepaid payment basis.

Some golf courses do not offer buggy reservations or prepayments that will make you hope that a buggy is available upon your arrival. A buggy is really important if you are playing with groups or you have a serious medical condition.

The use of golf buggies has its own set of regulations, so follow it to the letter and set for yourself comprehensive golf insurance for a worry-free golf experience.