Do you sell golf clubs?

All golf club sets rented out ten times or more are usually placed on sale on our website.

What happens if I lost the clubs or they got stolen?

Please do give us a call right away, and someone from law enforcement will be contacted to help you with the lost or stolen golf clubs. A replacement will also be sent to you immediately.

How can I cancel a rental order?

You can give us a call on our customer service line, and a representative will assist you in canceling your order. You can cancel the order only when your rented golf clubs have not left the facility. For cancellation after delivery, you can simply have it returned to us and contact our customer service for your refund.

Do I have to receive it in my home address or can I just deliver it straight to the golf course resort?

Wherever you want us to send your clubs, we will send it there. Please be advised that Golf Rental and Sales USA will not be held responsible for misdirected golf club sets and equipment.

How early should I book my golf club reservation?

It should be done at the time you have booked for your golf holiday. Though the club may come early, it is best to have it done during those times for a seamless golfing experience.

What should I do it I receive a damaged or unwanted golf club?

Please give us a call on our customer service line, so we can send a replacement golf club set immediately.

How much is delivery?

Those within our facility area is usually free of charge. The farther you are, the delivery fee increases. You can see the delivery fee before check out so you can confirm your rental and the delivery fee.

What if I received a club set other than the one I’ve selected?

Please give us a call, and we will send you the right golf club set.